Hinged table and window protector

Land Rover Defender

The following products are available for Land Rover Defender:

  • Sliding windows
  • Halfdrop windows – new –
  • Expedition windows (gullwings)
  • Window guards for sliding windows and gullwings
  • Rear Quarter windows with an integrated window guard on the innerside or on the outside (see our page ‘Land Rover Defender Specials’)
  • Aftermarket glass

Sliding windows
We develop and manufacture sliding windows for all Defender models. The windows are completely consistent with the original dimensions, so these can be installed easily and quickly.

The sliding part of the window is mounted in a specifically developed sliding system, which makes it immune to the accumulation of dirt in the slide channel. It is a system we are using for at least 20 years in the coachbuilding industry and it guarantees long-term low maintenance.

The Land Rover Defender sliding window from Explore Glazing is fitted with an easily operated lock mechanism and is adjustable in various positions. The edges of the glass are polished for optimum performance and safety.

All sliding windows are fitted with 4 mm toughened safety glass, certified ECE R-43 and DOT and available in the following colours:
– parsol green, light transmission 57% (tinted 43%)
– privacy grey, light transmission 20% (tinted 80%)

The dimensions of the sliding windows for your Land Rover Defender are 1055 mm x 425 mm with 4 x radius 50 mm up to MY2002 or 1055 x 425 mm with 2 x radius 70mm at the bottom after MY2002. In 2002, Land Rover modified the body, specifically the bottom of the window has a radius of 70 mm. The upper part of the window remained unchanged with a radius of 50 mm.

When ordering the windows, it is important to indicate the manufacturing year of your Land Rover Defender because the existing plastic interior finish also has a different top and bottom radius. Please check before ordering!

We also have sliding windows for the back side of the Land Rover Defender Pick-up with the original Land Rover dimensions 905 mm x 365 mm with 4 x radius 70 mm. This type of window can also be mounted in a Land Rover Defender 110 hardtop.

The sliding windows are available for mounting on the left – nearside (left hand drive) and right – offside (right hand drive).