Field Service Canopies

Manufacturers of Aluminium Field Service Canopies, Off-Road Canopies, Tool Boxes, Field Service & Off-Road Accessories.
The custom-made aluminium toolbox canopies are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of customers, including those in the mining, construction, fleet maintenance, farriers and emergency services sectors.

Designed and manufactured by Razorback Aluminium Canopies, the toolbox canopies offer a storage solution that can house valuable equipment, spares and stock and are said to meet the highest safety standards.

Technician toolbox, service canopy, toolbox canopy, gull-wing canopy or technician field service toolbox canopy are all interchangeable terms used to describe a modular aluminium canopy that can be customised to suit specific needs. Razorback Aluminium Canopies custom fits toolboxes to various makes of vehicles or machines and can further customise its designs by adding drawer and shelf units for the storage of tools, spares and equipment.

The company outlines three factors that it sees as essential elements of a well-designed canopy, namely: weight, strength and versatility. It asserts that using aluminium to construct its products, provides the best possible strength-to-weight ratio, as well as the most economical solution. Aluminium offers additional advantages such as corrosion resistance, ultraviolet stability, ease-of-repair and flexibility.

The aluminium canopy frames are powder coated for durability and are available in standard colours or in a colour of choice. Optional extras such as windows, a roof rack, water or fuel tank, burglar bars, lights, compartments or partitioning, drawers, and brackets may also be added.

The toolbox canopies can be fitted with tail light holes and LED park and brake lights; indicator lights and reverse lights can also be added.

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